Chemo Tomorrow

Highlight: Chemo is delayed until tomorrow.


Joseph was taken for ultrasound of his heart as part of the preparation for chemo and all seems to have been normal. After that he had nap on my lap until a consultant came with more paperwork. We were then told that the chemo would be delayed until tomorrow due to a paperwork issue. So Joseph had a great dinner tonight, half of an adult portion of sweet and sour chicken. Then he had a time of playing in his kitchen until he nearly fell over from fatigue. I was 3 inches from him the whole time so it was no problem. He is now in his bed playing.

The medical team here works hard to tailor treatment to the leukemia of each child. There are groups of tests that they do to determine how the leukemia is responding to treatment. The more resistant the leukemia the more intense the treatment. We are not certain yet, but there is a good chance that Joseph would have a diagnostic tomorrow that would measure the impact of treatment so far on his leukemia. If this result were abnormally good it could have an impact on the intensity of his treatment.

While I have been typing I have been moving Joseph through his evening routine. Part of that was his evening oral medicines and vital signs. When they took his temperature it was  0.3 C higher than the normal range. That is not a big problem if his temperature fluxes back down within 30 min. However, it could be the start of some type of infection that would require more antibiotics. So please pray that he does not develop a fever.

Prayer Request: That the tiny spike in temperature will just be a fluctuation rather than the start of a fever.

Prayer Request : That if Joseph should have this diagnostic test tomorrow that it will show  amazing progress.

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