Please Pray for Joseph

Joseph has an infection and the next 24 to 48 hours are very important

Joseph arrived at the hospital yesterday with an infection and this has yet to be controlled. His immune system is not doing much for him so they are having to use some really powerful antibiotics. The next 24 to 48 hours are really important. If the infection is not brought under control it could cause some serious problems. Please pray that this infection will be overcome. Also please pray that Joseph gets a good nights sleep tonight.

Joseph is out of surgery and is in Paediatric ICU. He is awake and unsettled but in general doing well for a two year old who just had several procedures done. Kate’s mom has gone to sit with him while I get a shower at home and see the other boys and Kate for an hour.

Some have asked about the diagnosis. We will not get the results until tomorrow. Because of the infection no treatment has begun on the possible leukemia.

The outpouring from the Body of Christ has been overwhelming. Many have sent emails and texts, others have brought food and many prayer groups and churches are holding special prayer meetings.

We would ask that you keep praying for Joseph for the next 24 hours as we seek the Lord.

You may share this prayer request with anyone who will pray.

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  1. get your news via Gillian Have shared the prayer requists will Christian friends. Praying for Joseph and all your family

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