Please Pray for Joseph

Joseph’s Life Is In Immediate Danger


Today we received the results of the bone marrow test. Joseph has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). When they took the bone marrow sample they found the marrow to be solid packed with leukemia cells.

They have told us that this is the most common type of childhood leukemia and that they have a standard 3 year treatment that is often able to get rid of the leukemia and restore fully functional bone marrow.

This treatment is not easy. It involves strong drugs and chemotherapy.

After telling us about this course of treatment they then added that there was a very worrying situation with the infection that Joseph was struggling with. With all the very powerful antibiotics they have seen some progress in reducing the amount of infection in his blood stream. But they have now been able to culture some of the organisms and found that Pseudomonas is among them. This is VERY BAD. This bacteria is immune to most antibiotic treatments. To have any hope to defeating this bacteria you MUST have a functional immune system. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Joseph lacks right now.


The doctors have told us the 3 year treatment starts with a 30 day blast that is designed to kill all the leukemia in the body and allow the normal bone marrow to be regenerated. Then they repeat this treatment in various levels of intensity over the 3 years to keep rooting out any leukemia that tries to come back.


In Jospeh’s case he very likely does not have the 5 to 6 weeks it will take to see even some of his immune system restored so that he can fight off the Pseudomanas bacteria. There is a very high likelihood that this infection will kill him before he can see any immune system function restored.


The doctors have told us we should start treatment immediately for there to be any hope of Joseph surviving the infection, but they do not feel there is much chance, just that is the only thing to do.


We are deeply grieved and stunned to receive this news. To think that Joseph would spend his last few days on earth suffering with the worst side effects of treatment that appears to be hopeless is really distressing to us.


However, as my father in law says “Where there is life there is hope”. Joseph is still very much alive tonight and we serve a God who is mighty. Therefore we dare to ask the Lord to miraculously preserve Joseph. Now we ask if you would join with us in asking HIM to do this mighty deed, preserve Joseph.

We would ask that you keep praying for Joseph as we seek the Lord.
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Why did my child get sick?

I have added this at the end of this prayer update as it has been on my heart a great deal. How can it be right, or fair or just for a two year old boy to be stricken down this way?


I have an answer.

This world was created perfect by God and it was broken by sin. Not just the sin of Adam and Eve but the sin of each of us. As we rebel against God in large and small ways we add to the overall brokenness of this world. Joseph was born into this broken world and subject to its fallen brokenness as everyone and everything is.

God, through His mercy maintains this world, much like someone holding together the pieces of a broken crystal vase in their hands. It can still “work” but only by constant sustaining action.

I did not create Joseph. He was a gift from the Lord to me and Kate. We did not deserve one day of the blessing that Joseph is to us. God owes us nothing concerning Joseph. Yet, because of His great love of sinners, like us, living in a shattered creation He sent His Son to die painfully to pay for the sin and brokenness. While I find it horrible to consider Joseph suffering I can not fathom the pain in the heart of God the Father sending his Son knowingly to the death of the cross.

So what is God doing about Joseph’s horrible situation? He sent Jesus into the middle of it all to rescue us, at the cost of Jesus’ own painful death.

So the answer to my quest