Happy New Year, Joseph is 4!

Highlight: Joseph enjoyed Christmas at home and celebrated turning 4 on 1st January.

Joseph admiring his birthday cake


Joseph doing some Christmas craft

Prayer request: Please pray for Joseph during his next lumbar puncture on Monday (11th January) when he will receive chemotherapy in his central nervous system. Please pray for grace for Joseph as he fasts, for safety during the procedure and that the treatment would be effective.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Joseph is 4!

  1. Have been getting some updates from Cecil Andrews Facebook but now I am subscribing for email updates that I can forward to other interested in praying for Joseph who keep asking about him who don’t like facebook. I am 79 an being treated for lung cancer and did not have a diagnosis of cancer ye when I started praying for Joseph and this brave family has been an inspiration to all of us.

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