Home Again



We apologize to all those who are following Joseph’s progress closely. It has taken us two days to update the blog. Between caring for Joseph and Ezra and educating the older boys as well as catching up on household and ministry needs, time just seems to run away from us. We so value your prayers and will endeavor to keep up a timely flow of information.

Highlight: Joseph was judged to be in good health Wednesday and was released to go home.


On Wednesday morning Joseph woke early and was feeling nauseated. He was given some medicine to help with that but it left us concerned that he might not be well enough to go home. It turns out that IV antibiotics can have that impact at times and no one was overly concerned. After a light breakfast he was ready to play and was full of energy.

When the doctors came to see us later in  the morning Joseph was playing and happy. When they informed me that he seemed to be in good shape all around and that we were free to go home I was feeling happy too.

I called Kate and she and the two older boys came to pick up Joseph and I. As we were leaving the ward in the hospital many of the nurses came to Joseph to say “bye, bye” and Joseph was waving and saying “BYEEEE, BYEEEE”

Joseph was able to take a nap and have a good time playing with his brothers the rest of the day. He continues to have some issues with nausea but is not being slowed down by it.

On Monday we will have another outpatient visit where Joseph must fast and visit the surgical theater for a lumbar puncture and more chemotherapy.

As we walk this journey with Joseph, Kate and I continue to be overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness to us: first, in preserving Joseph from the deadly infection; second, for Kate’s mum, Marie, who has sacrificed so much of her life for Joseph’s care; third, for the Body of Christ both local and international who have prayed for Joseph, and written encouraging notes and texts, given gifts, cooked meals, done laundry, watched children at the last minute and dozens of other deeds of love; also in the provision of the wonderful medical facility and medical team who are available for Joseph’s care.

If you had told me six months ago that my 1 year old would be diagnosed with cancer and would be placed on chemotherapy I would have had nothing but a vision of pain and suffering. While there are indeed hard times in this journey, and likely will be many more, I would not have anticipated all the help, comfort, grace and genuine times of joy. That is because it is easy for me to project and anticipate how bad things might be and totally miss how good and present God is. Of course God knows very well what I am like (and apparently many others) as He says “DO NOT FEAR” over 100 times in the Bible. These commands of “Do Not Fear” are in really frightening situations: being surrounded by hostile armies, being in the middle of the desert with no food or water, in a time of famine with no food, hunted by military and political leaders and many other deadly serious situations. So it would be very rational to be afraid in these situations, yet God was commanding people to not be afraid. That is because their fear did not take Him into account. Everyday I can think about all that could go wrong and die a thousand agonizing deaths and none of it actually come to pass. Or I can look to the loving creator whose very breath gives life and whose words birth stars.

And Jehovah, He it is that doth go before thee; He will be with thee, He will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed. Deuteronomy 31:8