Chickenpox Update

We took Joseph to see the consultant today and they decided to give him an immunoglobulin shot to provide him with 4 weeks of significant resistance to chickenpox. We are still not sure what Moses has. It could be early pox from a minor case of chickenpox or a dozen other things.

The shot was inter-muscular and the volume of medicine was such that two shots were required. The nurses came in and told me they would do a shot in each leg at the same time to reduce the amount of anxiety. So I stood holding Joseph with his legs wrapped around me. The nurses came up and counted “1,2,3…” and both injections went in at the same time. Joseph recovered in about 30 seconds. The doctors and nurses were impressed with his resilience. He was back to smiling and waving within a couple of minutes.

Upon returning home Joseph was back to playing full strength. While it is clear that Joseph is impacted by the chemo, he continues to have much grace and is very active and is in that stage where he is learning many words.

Joseph will go in on Monday for a lumbar puncture under general anesthesia where he will receive another chemo treatment of his spinal fluid. This is designed to prevent leukemia cells from developing there in the future. Joseph is also due a chemo drug he has not had before, yet it will be one that he will receive often over the next three years. Our prayer is that Joseph will have he same grace under this drug that he has had under the others.

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