Another Step Forward

Highlight: A trace of blood was found in Joseph’s urine a second time and samples have been sent to a lab for further study. However, the doctors have said that there are no other signs of infection and have actually reduced the amount of antibiotics Joseph is taking.

Highlight: The ultrasound of the blood clot is scheduled for 3 weeks from now. There was miscommunication about the whole process and that has been cleared up. Joseph will continue to receive blood thinners for the next 3 weeks.

Highlight: Joseph had his second major chemo today and again there was no adverse reaction.  Thank you for praying.


Joseph started his day early with Marie this morning, about 4:00 am, when he woke up very hungry.  A bowl of oatmeal (UK porridge) was the answer, and then he went back to sleep and had his second breakfast at 9:00 am.

After breakfast came the morning rounds from the doctors and the welcome news that they were not too concerned about the urine results, given all the other indicators, and were actually going to reduce the amount of antibiotics that Joseph is receiving.  This change will mean that Joseph does not need to be hooked up to the IV for an hour several times a day for an infusion of antibiotics.

After the visit with the doctors, it was time to walk the halls. Joseph cannot show up on the ward without being greeted by everyone. His red curls seem to always bring a smile.

After our walk it was lunch time and then time for a walk outside with Joseph in the buggy. After returning from our little outing, it was time for his medicines. Joseph was very relaxed. He just lay in the bed and hummed and chatted to the nurses while they gave him his chemo and other meds.

Then it was time for a short nap and afterward dinner arrived.  Joseph enjoyed his dinner and is having a post meal snack as I type this.

Thank you for praying for Joseph.

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  1. John and I continue to pray for Joseph. Our twins Charles and Joseph (31 months) know there is another Joseph that mom and dad are praying for. Lifting you all up to the Lord.

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