Kate and Joseph

kate and Joseph
Kate and Joseph

Highlight: Kate was able to spend some time with Joseph today and it was wonderful to see them together. Special thanks to all the friends who helped care for our other children while she was here with Joseph.

Highlight: Just minutes ago a nurse came in and told me that a trace of blood was found in Joseph’s urine. This can be nothing, just a one off blip, or it can be the first indication of an infection. More tests will be conducted tonight and tomorrow. Please pray that this is NOT an infection.

Highlight: Joseph will go tomorrow for an ultrasound of his thigh to see what the status of the blood clot there is. If it has dissipated they will remove the blood thinners from Joseph’s mix of medicines. 


Yesterday and this morning were calm days for rest and recovery of Joseph’s wee body. He continues to be more interactive and this morning he was singing a wee tune during breakfast.

After breakfast Kate was able to come in for some time with Joseph. This requires quite a bit of coordination as one family watches the older boys and someone else comes and keeps the baby while Kate visits. It was wonderful to see our two red heads together again. Kate played blocks with Joseph and they had the kind of chat that only mothers and little boys can have. Joseph was smiling and even laughing, something that has been very rare this past month.

It is a huge challenge for Kate to have so little time with Joseph and of course Joseph misses mummy. We continue hope that if things go well Joseph could be back home with us in a few weeks, though treatment would continue for years.

After Kate had to leave it was lunch time and Joseph had another big lunch. Then we got him bundled up and went out for a walk with the buggy. He had a good time and really enjoys his time outside the hospital room. Upon our return it was time for his IV infusion of antibiotics. While that line was hooked up he took a nap. After the nap it was dinner time and Joseph had a great time with dinner. At one point he was chatting to himself  saying ” humm, humm, mummy, mummy, humm, humm, mummy, mummy” smiling  the whole time.  Kate had not been able to visit as long as she would have liked but the wee man  was still glowing from the time together.

It was just after dinner that the nurse came in and told me that a test of Joseph’s urine had a trace of blood. This could be nothing if it does not show up again but if it does show up again it could be the sign of an infection.

Prayer Request: please pray that Joseph does not develop an infection.




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