A Day Of Grace

Highlight: Joseph did NOT suffer with his fasting today and did well in surgery. Thank you for praying.


This morning Joseph was allowed some toast and Kiwi for breakfast with some water. After breakfast we walked the halls for a while, and then he tried to get a bit of rest in his bed. He was quite restless, just not really setting in. Then it was time for the doctors to visit. I was told that the surgery list was long and that it would likely be after 4:00 pm before Joseph could go. Then I tried to get Joseph interested in some play but he really just wanted to be on my shoulder. At 11:30 am I got permission to take Joseph off the ward in a baby carriage (lent to us by friends) for a long walk. So I bundled him up really nicely and we left just before lunch was served. I was told I should make sure and be back by 2 pm so that Joseph could receive his IV antibiotic. So we went on a long walk and Joseph was really enjoying being outside in the crisp air and sunshine. As I walked back Joseph fell asleep. Then while walking back up the hill to be back by 2:00 pm, my phone rang. It was the hospital calling to say they could take Joseph in surgery right now.

As I rolled into the ward they led me to the surgery and we waited just a few minutes before they called us in. Joseph was looking around at other boys and girls who were waiting and then asked to go to my shoulder. About that time we were called, and they gave him the anaesthesia while he was in my arms. Fifteen minutes later he was in recovery and I was holding him again. During that fifteen minutes, they did the bone marrow sample, the lumbar puncture and the x-rays his front teeth. The x-ray was because there has been a lingering concern that a knock on his mouth from a fall many weeks ago could have resulted in a point of infection. The x-rays were clear and he teeth are in great shape, however he is still teething and has four teeth coming in right now.

After we returned to the ward one of¬†the nurses popped in and said “would Joseph like something to eat?” and that got a very big nod. Soon he was munching down on toast and a banana and humming in between bites.

Thank you all for praying.

Prayer Request : The bone marrow sample is one of the first diagnostic tests done to see what progress is being made against the leukaemia. If they find that 75% of the leukaemia cells are now gone from his bone marrow, that would place him in a least intense treatment class.


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