Another Day Another Needle

Highlight: Joseph received his inter-muscular shot today and he did not have any adverse reaction to the drug. He got over the stick in about 30 seconds and was ready to walk the halls with me for a couple of laps. Thank you for praying.


Joseph started the day with a good breakfast of toast, a whole kiwi, a banana and a cup of milk. Then came morning oral medicines – his steroid and a drug that is to protect his gut from the steroid. Then he had mouth care. Right now his mouth is still rather sore as the infection seems to have been around his mouth. After all the antibiotics he got oral thrush. This is very sore as well. So we have to scrub his mouth with a small sponge containing antiseptic on a paper stick. After that we scrub his mouth with another set of sponges on paper sticks that are soaked in something that numbs the sore places in his mouth. This treatment is very painful. Then after all those he gets an oral medicine  to combat the thrush in his mouth. Joseph has to have this procedure done about 3 times a day. Each time it is very unpleasant.

After Joseph had his oral medications it was time to walk the halls. I carry him and he looks about. Then, every so often, I let him down and encourage him to walk a bit. I have already done many miles on the hallways here and suspect that I will do many more before we go home.

After the walking, Joseph had a great lunch and then a time with a play therapist. While the play therapist was working with Joseph I grabbed a quick lunch. Then it was time for a nap. Unfortunately Joseph needed a scheduled IV antibiotic before his nap was done. He woke up while the nurses were connecting the IV to his semi-permanent line, something that is not painful, but it REALLY annoyed him. For the next hour Joseph was very upset and jostling about. One of the side effects of the steroids he is taking is an amplified grumpiness and Joseph was getting a full dose. After much praying, singing and assurance he was able to calm down and was good as gold the rest of the day.

Later Joseph had another great dinner meal and a snack later. Once Marie came in, he was ready for a few fresh strawberries that he saw in her bag. When I left he was happy on Marie’s knee.

Prayer Request : Joseph will have three procedures done under general anaesthesia tomorrow: a lumbar puncture to prevent leukaemia from developing in his spinal fluid; a bone marrow sample will be taken to monitor how well the leukaemia cells are responding to treatment; and lastly, a dentist will inspect his mouth and see if there is anything else we can do to reduce the pain he experiences there. Any general anaesthesia has risks so please pray for safety in surgery. Also please pray that he will have a really good report from the bone marrow sample.

Prayer Request : As you may have picked up, Joseph has a big appetite right now. This is augmented by the steroids. Tomorrow he must fast from 8 am until he goes to surgery, and right now that is looking like late afternoon. This will be a very long and hard day for a little boy who cannot understand why he can’t have food and water when he feels so hungry. Please pray for the Lord’s grace for Joseph in his fasting tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Another Day Another Needle

  1. Just to let you know that we are praying for all of you. Also thanking for the results so far and being able to witness. Josefien (7) wrote a prayer request in the church we visited yesterday!

  2. Christ Church Branch Cove (just outside Birmingham, AL) is praying for Joseph and you all, Ed and Kate. Thanks for the pictures of your precious boys playing together, and for the detailed updates. We stand strongly w/you all in prayer, trusting God not only for healing, but also for grace and strength for the challenges of each day. After caring for my Richard last year after he broke his neck and back in a bicycling accident, I know well that God WILL pour out His mercies daily: “they are new every morning; GREAT is Thy f aithfulness”. Sending our loving concern, care, and continued prayers across the miles, walking this road with you, trusting our faithful and sovereign Lord.
    Janet and Richard Vest

  3. Just want you to know that we check your blog every day to keep our prayers up to date.
    We are praying for your family and Joseph in particular.

  4. Ed and Kate….many, many Briarwooders are praying. I hear people talking about Joseph who don’t know y’all and saying that they are praying for him. It’s so encouraging to see so many watching God receive glory for what is going on in your family!! We love you!,

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