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Today the hospital made it possible for the brothers to get together in a safe setting and see each other. Elijah and Moses have been worried about Joseph and Joseph has been missing his brothers. We explained to Elijah and Moses that Joseph’s bones were not producing the blood that they were supposed to and he would be getting medical help to see if they can get his bones work properly again. It was the start of a long educational process for the boys.

However, that did not slow them down at all. They were soon playing together just like old times and it reaffirmed to us a truth that a friend shared with me many years ago. He told me that though we never think of it this way our siblings are designed to be lifetime companions. They know us best and will usually live about the same amount of time. When all others relationships fade it is our siblings that can be the most supportive and the greatest blessing to  us but this is seldom the case as we become so independent in our thinking about our lives.

Our prayer has always been that our children would really love each other and be good friends all their lives. It was wonderful to see them in action today. The order of the day was not to fear what happened over the past 10 days nor worry about what will come over the next 30 days to 3 years. It was just a time to enjoy each other and have fun together.

Sadly many of us experience deep rejection and brokenness in those relationships that could be the strongest and most sustaining. I think this is yet another way the brokenness of this world shows itself. Not only do we not enjoy safe and deeply fulfilling relationships we are alienated from the one relationship, that with our Creator, for which we were designed. I am deeply grateful for how the Lord has Preserved Joseph yet another day, but I am even more amazed that Jesus would die to wipe out all record of my sins and remove the barrier between me and God the Father. That I , a broken and sinful person, can be fully embraced and adopted by a Holy God, is unfathomable but wonderful.

Prayer Request: Sunday Joseph is due for a inter muscular injection of a drug for his treatment. These injections are, by report, quite painful and this will be the first time he has been exposed to this drug and its possible reactions and side effects. Please Pray for grace for the wee man.

Prayer Request: Monday Joseph will start the day fasting and have a lumbar puncture under  general anaesthesia to test and treat the fluid in his spinal column to protect it from Leukaemia , he will also have a bone marrow sample taken to see how well he is responding to treatment so far. Please pray for safety under anaesthesia and for a really good report from the bone marrow test.


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  1. So great that boys got to play with Joseph. Brilliant for us to see photos of you all too. We are praying for Joseph and the whole family.

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