Joseph In Surgery for the 3rd Time

Highlight : Infection Indicators Dropped AGAIN this morning, we are now almost to the very limits of what the test can see. It is important however to remember that this test does not measure infection directly, rather it is great at letting you know when things are changing about an infection you already know about. Joseph’s situation is complex and it is possible for there to be an undetected infection. But right now every indicator says that the deadly infection is in check or gone.¬†


Joseph has just gone to surgery to install his semi-permanent line, to have a sample of bone marrow taken (to see what the state of disease is now), to remove the temporary line in his leg and to have a dental inspection as he has pain in his mouth.

This morning was really busy with various tests and forms. Never pleasant to be briefed on all the things that can go wrong.

Joseph got about a two-hour nap but was annoyed and unsettled and still having cramps.

A change of schedule this morning meant that they could take Joseph several hours sooner than I expected. At one point surgical staff walked in and said, “we can take him in 10 min.”, I carried Joseph there in my arms. He was resting his head on my shoulder totally relaxed. I prayed for him and the surgical staff as he was given his sedative and fell asleep in my arms.

Hopefully in about and hour and half he will be back in my arms recovering from all the work done today.

Prayer Request: Safety in Surgery 

Prayer Request: That this semi-permanent line will kept safe (half the time that they fail is it due to the line being pulled out by accident) also that no infection bothers this new line.

4 thoughts on “Joseph In Surgery for the 3rd Time

  1. Praying…Briarwood prayed yesterday and everyone we talk to is praying for you all. Bob and I are “feeling” with you the steps you are walking. While we haven’t experienced leukemia, our precious Murray had a strept infection so serious when she was 3 that we spent 29 days at Children’s Hospital. So we remember the shift changes, the struggle trying to spend any time with Andy who was then one and the struggle to deal with the pain, needle sticks and uncertainties. She is now a very healthy mother of three, and we pray the future is as bright for precious Joseph. This is one that really tests our application of “consider it all joy…” But we do “know He works all things for good” for you as His called ones. Be encouraged that today Murray doesn’t remember how awful that time was in her life. And she was almost 4 when she got out. Praying Joseph is protected from fear and bad memories of this time and can only know the faithfulness of His great God in carrying you all through these most difficult days. Blessings on you all in His great lovingkindness.

  2. praying… Thanks for preaching the gospel to me again and again as you walk through this. Our only hope is always in HIS rescue of us. So thankful to be reminded again.

  3. Dear Ed,

    Thank you for the continuous updates of God’s provision for Joseph and for us. I too am grateful for your daily reminder of God’s love and grace and for the parallel’s and soul searching that comes through your blog posts.

    I’m praying for all of you as you go through these trying days.

    Blessings and love from my home to yours.

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