The Long Awaited Event

Highlight: Joseph had the big event tonight about an hour ago. It will not be a total clearance but it was likely the worst of it. 


Joseph ate some chicken nuggets, chips, sausages washed it down with some water. It was great to see him eat even if it was stuff he would never get at home.

After his feed and big event , he got his oral medicines and another round of mouth treatment. It was again very painful for Joseph but it makes such a difference to his eating and drinking.

Now I will hand off to Marie and go home.

Thank you for continuing to pray – there are many big events coming up next week for Joseph. There will be more work done on the infection next week as we move into full-blown chemo therapy, I have to confess that thinking about the things that he will have put in his body next week makes me nervous. So many potential side effects and risks but the Lord as seen us through to this point and He will see us through next week.

8 thoughts on “The Long Awaited Event

    1. Grateful for the small things like the ‘big event’ which is a big thing for a sick two year old. Thankful for a God who counts the hairs on our head. Praying for your family as you enter a week of the unknown.

  1. Wonderful news! We were praying as a family for that event just at that very time it happened! Praise God! (Nigeria is one hour ahead of home now). Blessings and love to all. x

  2. Praise God! The kids & I were just talking about the wonderful care of the God of the Universe over. . . . . well, even over The Big Event. Continuing in prayer!

  3. Brilliant news. Praying for Joseph daily and that God will strengthen you and Kate and draw you closer to Him. Jen and Matt

  4. Kate and Ed, we just want to let you know that we are continually bring Joseph and your family before God in prayer. We pray today that you know, in a very real way, the everlasting arms upholding you and giving you strength. Praying for comfort and healing for Joseph. Love, Claire and Evan

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