Stayed Upon Jehovah

Last night Joseph’s grandmother, Marie, came in to care for him while I went home to sleep. He was resting but not as well as the past few nights. He is having tummy cramps and is starting to get insatiable hunger, which is a side effect of the steroids in his treatment. When I arrived Joseph was awake and unsettled as his grandmother was soothing him and gently rubbing his tummy. I started to sing “just as I am” and he closed his eyes and began to relax. Soon he was asleep and Marie could go home to rest.

However a few minutes later he awoke again and looked at me. I waited to see if he would close his eyes again. Then asked ” would you like me to sing again” this got a nod – yes. So I picked up my hymnbook and flipped through till I saw a song I knew the tune to and started to sing it to him. As Joseph started to breath deeply again and slip off to sleep I was singing these words.

Every joy or trial falleth from above, traced upon our dial by the sun of love, we may trust Him fully, all for us to do, They who trust Him wholly, find Him wholly true, Stayed upon Jehovah , hearts are fully blessed, finding as He promised perfect peace and rest.

Here was my little boy so sick and in such a strange and frightening place able to rest because his daddy was next to him. Here I was with my life turned upside down and praying for my son to live and wondering what will come next. And my Father in heaven inviting me into rest, To trust him wholly and find Him wholly true.

10 thoughts on “Stayed Upon Jehovah

  1. Praying for joseph and for your family. We also have 2 wee ones confined right now (in the Philippines) with ALL and AML and very low blood counts. We know how difficult this is for you but we also know that God is still able to heal.. Let’s agree together!

  2. Dear Ed,
    Oh, the beauty of a hymn to comfort the soul! As I am rising here in Alabama while it is still dark, how amazing to consider that our Father in heaven is watching over little Joseph on a different continent across the world. We serve a mighty God!
    Please let Kate know that many of us moms are identifying with how her heart must ache as she continues to meet the needs of your other little ones with Joseph continually on her mind. Both of you remain on our hearts and in our prayers in the midst of this trial. Please let