A Day of Good News and Some Struggle

Highlight: Joseph’s infection markers were the lowest yet, a really huge drop since yesterday. Doctors were well pleased and Joseph was looking so much more like our wee boy. A really encouraging gift from the Lord.

Praise: Thank the Lord for such encouraging news


The infection markers are down but the deadly bacteria is still there, so we are very happy that there has been so much improvement but are still praying for the total elimination of the bacteria that is so dangerous.

The new highchair arrived today and it was great, Joseph sat in it with his IV tubes safely tucked away and played at making a meal.

There were two main struggles today. One was the need for a bowel movement, many cramps and much activity internal (as the doctors could hear) but after 10 hours of struggling with this the wee man is still stuck.

Prayer Request: That Joseph will be able to clear and have some relief.

The other struggle was Joseph was totally off his food and drink. He would not drink any water and would not eat anything. Then when we were doing oral hygiene they discovered  oral thrush. Not shocking considering the very strong antibiotics he is on. They have been trying to prevent this from happening but it seems to have got a foothold in one corner of his mouth. They are treating it now and hopefully there will be some improvement for Joseph tomorrow and he will be back on his food.

Prayer Request: That Joseph’s mouth will heal and he will be able to eat without pain.

The excess water has been coming off his system and that has been encouraging.

We have seen mighty answers to prayer this week – thank you for joining us in asking the Lord to Preserve Joseph. May we ask you to continue to lift him up? It has been such a blessing to see our little one covered with prayer from all over the world when he was in such need.

6 thoughts on “A Day of Good News and Some Struggle

  1. We are SO thrilled to hear some good news…but we do continue to pray regarding those struggles which remain. Thanks for keeping us posted. Clearly God is at work here, and we pray He will be abundantly glorified. May His presence and healing power overwhelm Joseph and you all.

    Standing with you in prayer,
    Janet and Richard

  2. I am excited to have this website to keep up with Joseph’s progress. My husband and are I are praying daily that God would preserve Joseph. As a mother of 3, I cannot imagine how difficult this road is. What encouraging thoughts you shared in your e-mail about these sicknesses being a result from sin in the world and your gratefulness for your son.

  3. Thanks for sharing specific needs. You are so much in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers. We’re trusting the Lord with you, to work out His good will in Joseph’s life. We’re praying, too, for grace for Mom and Dad and baby Ezra and big brothers. May you feel the Lord’s hand upon you and experience His perfect peace.

  4. We are so thankful for the good report. We are standing with you in prayer for Joseph and we know that our sovereign Lord has covered you with His mercy and grace and that under His wings you will find refuge.

    Because He Lives,

    Lewis and Tammy

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