Tonight we are in the Royal Children’s Hemotology Unit. Just before bed time Joseph told Kate that he felt cold. So Kate took his temperature and found it to be 39.2 C. The guidelines for Joseph, due to his suppressed immune system are that if his temperature reaches 38.0 C he is to go to the hospital for evaluation. When Kate said 39.2, I looked up and said “what did you say?” and she confirmed that reading. Immediately I had my phone on the speed dial for the Hematology unit. They talked with me and confirmed that we should come down and plan to stay the night. Though we keep a bag packed for such needs we have not used it and many of the clothes in it were too small for Joseph. So there was a bit of hurried repacking to be done.

At the hospital they performed a check and took blood for tests. Joseph was very patient and helpful. I asked him if he remembered being on the ward and he said he did not. As were were walking to the room for him on the ward Joseph looked up and said “Daddy, they take really good care of us here.” And In my rushed state of mind it stuck me that Joseph was sensing the peace of God. Which reminds me of this verse:


casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. I Peter5:7

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  1. God never ceases to amaze me. As I was lying in bed last night Joseph was on my mind as we hadn’t had an update for a while and now I know why he was on my heart. Praying for continued peace and a quick resolution to this temperature. x

  2. We prayed for all of you in SS and will continue to lift this situation to the Lord of all grace.

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